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Podcast Interviews

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Jimena Cortes Podcast Interviews

Jimena has been featured on a number of Podcasts. Click on the links below to listen to the interviews.

Add 6 figures to your bottom line using these marketing strategies with Jimena Cortes

Fire Nation

Fire Nation is one of the top Podcasts in the business and marketing arena and was as awarded Best Of iTunes. With over 1700 interviews with Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferris and thousands more, it is not an easy podcast to get featured in.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Without Spending a Penny On Ads – With Jimena Cortes

Project Ignite

Project Ignite is a popular podcast all about where to start your online business, what to sell, how to sell, what tools to use and ultimately how to have success in your online business.

Episode 075 – Jimena Cortes – Internet Marketing Strategies

Tony Greibmeier

While most well-known for building a multi-million dollar business with his childhood friends, it is Tony’s mission in life is to create a community where struggling entrepreneurs know they can achieve anything they want despite their past.

The Tony G show is all about pursuing your dreams and fulfilling them.

Episode #465: Jimena Cortes: How To Get More Leads on LinkedIn

Natural Born Coaches

Natural born coaches is a podcast to help coaches with their businesses. With over 500 episodes of the podcast over the last few years, this is a very popular podcast in the coaching niche.

Ep. 136 ~ The LinkedIn and Marketing Specialist, Jimena Cortes

The Entrepreneur House

The Entrepreneur house is a business podcast for location independent entrepreneurs.

Jimena Cortes on the Thom Singer Show

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

This podcast is a must listen for all things entrepreneurs do to overcome the many challenges they face.
Click here to listen to Jimena’s Podcast interview with Thom Singer

Leveraging LinkedIn

The Business Owners Freedom Formula Show

Paul Maskill chats with inspiring entrepreneurs and digs into their highs, lows and everything in between of their business building journey to learn about how they’ve been able to achieve ultimate freedom. It’s all about switching from working IN your business to working ON your business…so you can work less, make more and achieve ultimate freedom.
Click here to listen to Jimena’s Podcast interview with Paul Maskill

Ep. 419: Meet the Wizard of Lead Generation, Jimena Cortes

The Nice Guys on Business

At first listen, it may not sound like they are talking business, but there is no denying the Nice Guys (Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner) know their audience. If you are an entrepreneur and tired of hearing the same old rah rah static babble on all the other business podcasts out there, it’s time for a breath of fresh air.
Click here to listen to Jimena’s Podcast interview with Doug Sandler

How to Profit from LinkedIn

The Millennial Mastermind Podcast

The number one show for millennials who are looking for inspiration to become the best version of themselves. Each week, I connect with inspiring individuals who share their stories and provide actionable advice on how to build an amazing life, specific to Generation Y. The fastest route to the top of the mountain is found by following those who have already traveled it. I will be the first to admit that I too am a student on this journey, so I invite you to join me on the road to success.
Click here to listen to Jimena’s Podcast interview with Brad Mulvey

LinkedIn Lead Generation – JIMENA CORTES | DMR #212

Digital Marketing Radio

Digital Marketing Radio with David Bain interviewing niche online marketing experts on their specialist subject as well as getting their opinion on the state of internet marketing today.
Click here to listen to Jimena’s Podcast interview with David Bain

Connecting with Influencers and Potential Clients Using LinkedIn

Real Fast Results for Marketing, Business and Entrepreneurs

The Real Fast Results is a business podcast for people who want to see real results in their business fast. The show provides actionable, implementable steps in each episode. The focus is definitely on marketing strategies and list building with an emphasis on little-known but effective tactics.
Click here to listen to Jimena’s Podcast interview with Daniel Hall

LinkedIn Lead Generation Secrets

Growth Marketing Toolbox

Discover the latest and greatest growth marketing tools and technology. Each week, join Nicholas Scalice from Earnworthy, as he interviews marketers, product creators, startup founders, marketing technologists, and more. During the interviews, Nicholas will unbox the marketing tools they make, market, and use. You’ll be sure to walk away with actionable insights, as well as a long list of new tools to add to your marketing stack.
Click here to listen to Jimena’s Podcast interview with Nicholas Scalice

The Top 3 Ways to Fill Your Funnel- with Jimena Cortes

The Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling

Learn about The Maverick Selling Method, models the world’s best salespeople and what they do differently. If you are in sales and have a passion for selling you will like this podcast. The focus is on b2b sales and selling.
Click here to listen to Jimena’s Podcast interview with Brian Burns