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Private Mastermind

Supporting Companies Succeed &
Dominate in their Field

“Go buy the plane tickets and get out there!”

Everyone in this group is playing at a high level. This not your normal group. With this type of group, there is no ego. Everybody is doing really great things. If you are lucky enough to get the ask don’t think about it, no hesitation. Go buy the place tickets and get out there!

Dr. Ben Adkins CEO at Fearless Social & Owner/CEO at Thirty3 Productions

It’s lonely at the top…That is why this mastermind was created. We are a community of entrepreneurs and “change the world” types who have attained a high level of success.

If  you’re looking for the perfect mix of transformative business clarity and growth, and rejuvenating fun and adventure, then there is no better place.

Meeting 4 times per year around the world in exotic locations from the warm beaches of Costa Rica to the Wild Las Vegas Strip and the Posh locales of Monaco, our private mastermind is a place where high level business owners come together to fast-track their business while having one of a kind experiences.

What will I experience?

5-star “all inclusive” accommodations, business mastermind with elite entrepreneurs, 5-star meals, unique experiences and true workshop setting without being stuck in a boring conference room.

This mastermind is a true mastermind in every sense of the word. We keep our events small to ensure that we not only work on every single person’s business with the time allotted, but also have enough time to bond closely with every member.

Only 20 spots available per year.

Why Should I Join?

Acceptance into this community and mastermind is by private invitation only. The old adage “you are who you hang out with” is true… and we want you to meet other influential leaders of business.

Unbelievable Content
These isn’t your grandpappy’s strategies and shares. You simply cannot get these mind melding methods anywhere else.

Because everything happens behind closed doors, the members of the group feel safe to open up about the real challenges they are facing.

Life’s too short to spend it in front of your computer and tethered to your phone, laptop, or to-do list. Unplug from the daily grind and let your mind reset and roam free.

One relationship can change your life. B2B BADASSES gets you tapped into an elite network of influential entrepreneurs and dealmakers. Chances are that at least 1 (or more) of the people at the Mastermind have already experienced your current and biggest challenge… and ate it for breakfast.

What better way to land that next 6 and 7 figure deal than over an ice cold cocktail (or 5)?

Entrepreneurs are beautiful creators. Celebrate your accomplishments with a sunset champagne toast.

We don’t believe in content dump. We believe in transformational results.

The result? The difference between attending just another event or just another seminar and leaving with a true custom road map to take your business to the next level.  Creating priceless close bonds and friendships with entrepreneurs who are successful, determined and perhaps your next business partner.

See what our members say below:

“The caliber of the room is incredibly high!”

The prime take away is that you are able to go deep in a situation like this. The caliber of the room is incredibly high. You have time and you can really learn about each other’s businesses. That’s where the gold is created!

Daven Michaels CEO and Founder at 123 Employee

“These are things you are not going to get in any course.”

So many of us want to move into where the real money is… business to business. It wasn’t something I was doing a lot of in my business yet, but it was an area I knew I wanted to take my business. What I found in the Mastermind was successful business owners really opening up their doors and showing what’s working. These are things you are not going to get in a causal conversation or in any course.

Greig Wells CEO of Be Found Jobs

“Personally, we have done some exercises to release limiting beliefs from the past that have been holding us back.”

You will meet amazing talent! Personally, we have done some exercises to release limiting beliefs from the past that have been holding us back. The things that the folks are sharing at this mastermind never leave the room. It’s really something! I highly recommend you come check it out and be a part of it.

Jovan Will Founder at

“Extraordinary things happen!”

When you have amazing people that resonate together amazing things happen. Extraordinary things happen. Things that are bigger than you’ve ever believed possible, are possible.

Karl Schuckert Founder at Global Ripple Marketing

“I have seen the transformations occur in this room and it has been mind-blowing!”

This is the first mastermind I have ever participated in. Masterminds take it to a whole different level. I have learned so much in the last two days from getting out of my comfort zone to be willing to take the risk. I have seen the transformations occur in this room and it has been mind-blowing!

Brian Willie Founder at

“This mastermind is not currently accepting applications. To be put on the waitlist and receive more information please contact us.”